Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paula's Place Collection"- James Wood

My Rating ★★★ 1/2


This is Paula's story, the entire three books of "Paula's Place" complete in one edition. It includes 'Seduction': A steamy, explicit erotic romance of sexual fantasies comes real. Fate brings Paula back to her hometown, where she meets her dark handsome neighbour. 'Surrender': Paula is drawn into her lover's world of domination and submission, where sensation and lust commingle with intimacy and trust. As Paula surrenders her body to pleasure, she knows she is losing her heart. 'Submission': Paula struggles to reconcile her feelings with her concern that things are going too fast. As her slide towards bliss only gathers pace, how will their love affair end? Does she even have a choice, or is her submission complete?

 It is a graphic and explicit work of erotic D/s fiction intended for adults only.

My thoughts:

This was a really short trilogy of novellas each one was about 40 or so pages.

While reading this book it was like being taken back in time. Just by the way that Paula talks and reacts. If it wasn’t for the modern day conveniences she mentions then I could swear we were in a different time place. I wasn’t so used to the old language that they use, such things as “going steady”. It was interestingly a good read after you get into it.

Paula leaves an unfulfilling relationship and moves back home, where she peeps in on their author neighbor and is drawn in by his sexy lifestyle. She knows what she is craving and goes snooping around, the neighbor’s house and when he catches her inside his house He decides he must have her to dinner. With her author friend she learns to explore herself and what she wants, most of all she knows he will make her fantasy’s come true.

This was a very good novella series, Paula learns to explore herself as well as her desires, and she learns submission and also how to surrender her fears.

I didn’t really like Paula at first, I found her to be a little hard on herself, until I realized that she was content. She had fears of her relationship and not having a career. She also had her fears of her author friend’s appetite.

It was a good story of a woman wanting to explore the natural desires that I’m sure more women have then we know. She learns how to be strong and supported, she also learns that just because you surrender doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Surprisingly I enjoyed it. 

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**disclaimer a copy of these books were given to me for my honest review***

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