Friday, February 8, 2013

"Providence" Jamie McGuire

My Rating: 4 stars

First off I'm going to say that this was my first ever book read by Jamie McGuire, I read some reviews out there that said this book is a disappointment after reading beautiful disaster, and so I decided not to judge this book by the cover and read it first, and it was the farthest thing from a disappointment ever.

 This book had me hooked from the time that Jared sat down on the bench, mysterious and smoldering. He was a little vague and always showing up at random and not giving Nina his phone number, I knew there was something behind him. Anyways the story line was very interesting and not like all the other young adult books out there. She had excellent writing and she let loose the secrets at just the right time.

As for the characters, I like books that are a little more steamy, but with this one I just didn't see it coming, I was hooked on Jared because HE IS SEXY, yummy, Nina did annoy me a little all in her various scrolling emotions, and she made me a little mad, but I do have to say they are the perfect match, especially after the secret is revealed, it just made every thing melt, I was so shocked by that part of the book, because I knew there was some kind of secret but wow I never seen it coming.

So I definitely recommend it, especially since I got all 3 books on kobo for 4$ a piece, it was an excellent book for the low price I paid, and definitely going to be recommending this one, this was one of the few books that actually kept me on my toes because it was see through like some books, it kept its surprises hidden.

Definitely a good read

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