Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"All She Ever Wanted" Rosalind Noonan

I happened to come across this book by accident. To be Honest with you I only read the first two lines of the synopsis. I prefer to keep things interesting. This book was not what I was expecting. It had my attention from the beginning. The story is about a mom Chelsea Maynard, who has the life she always wanted, a nice house the perfect job and the only thing they were missing was a baby. She got her baby, but she also suffers from postpartum depression, this is not something I went through, so I didn't really know what to expect. Chelsea has feelings of resentment towards her baby and just wishes she could return to her old life, she was sucked into a black hole of the depression, she has visions of hurting herself making it all end, it doesn't help that her child had a little bit of colic as well, she suffered through many sleepless nights, and the stress of an insurance company that wont process her claims, she has a perfect husband Leo, he is supportive and realizes that Chelsea is not her self. Chelsea recognizes that she needs help after talking to her sister Emma, she reaches out to the doctor that is allowed by her insurance provider, and he dismisses her depression as the baby blues, but he writes her a prescription anyways. She always envisioned being a mother, but it didn't happen as she had planned. She does what she can to help her baby when she cry’s, but she is so exhausted that accidents seem to occur, like she takes the baby outside in the stroller and went to the bathroom and accidentally leaves her outside when she falls asleep.

Her husband leaves on a weeklong business trip, and the unthinkable happens, their daughter goes missing. Chelsea slept through the night, and doesn't remember what happened; she thinks maybe she did something to her baby. 

There are extensive searches and leads to finding the missing infant, this book is full of twists and turns and things you would never see coming. When I finally finished this book, all I could think is you can never trust any one you talk to, at least not with your personal secrets. This is a heart-stopping story of real life issues, and I found it to be extremely believable. I definitely recommend this book, even though it was not something I would have normally picked up, I am glad I did. It has changed me in a way. Especially since I have a baby of my own, if you enjoy a good sad, thrilling book I definitely would pick this one up.

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