Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Foxblood: A Brush With The Moon" R Lyon

My Rating: 3 1/2 Stars  

Sophie is finally happy. Away from home & back with her best friend, she’s doing the one thing in the world she loves, art. Life’s perfect, or is it? Something’s strange about her new home. People are dying; an old house pulls her towards its doors. Sophie’s changing too; is it the recent fox bite? All becomes clear when she meets the seductive Sebastian and learns his family’s secret.

My Thoughts:

Overall I did enjoy this book. It was not your average vampire/werewolf book. It was definitely worth the read. I definitely think that the summary didn’t do too much justice for the story.

Sophie was a character that I felt we didn’t get to know too much in the begging. A fox bites her and then shortly after getting out from the hospital, she moves from brumpton to Fosswell for university. She moves there to live with her best friend Beth, who happened to find a house above a funeral home. Like all best friends, Beth enjoys the company of men and likes to party, also she is always badgering Sophie about boys, which she claims to have no interest in until she meets the mysterious Sebastian.

Seb was the picture perfect book man; he’s described as an extremely sexy mystery man with eyes that you could drown in. Sophie try’s to resist him at first but he persists to show up and make his advances, then one night he just shows up and tells Sophie that he has to have her and spills all of his irresistible secrets. This is where we learn about the werewolves and the vamps and assortments of demons that weren’t elaborated on too much.  I found I had a very strong relationship with him at first, but by the end he really pissed me off, cause he kept showing up and then disappearing for an extended period of time.  When he would disappear Sophie was in the company of Seb’s cousin Connor. I found that I loved him the best. The relationship between him and Sophie was irresistible, as he was falling for his cousin’s girlfriend. The attraction between them was a little frustrating. She spends a lot of time with Connor, as Seb was gone for most of the book. Sophie almost lets things happen with Connor but then stops them; you can see why this would be frustrating.

I also liked the story of the fox lady Tokala, that passes wisdom to Sophie, I just wish that story would have been elaborated on a little more as it would have given me a better sense of Sophie’s character. Sophie was relatable but also very frustrating, because she would lead on men in the event of Seb’s absence including Connor and would be mad when the men would advance more aggressively. She was all over the place with men, even though she was pinning over Sebastian.

There wasn’t too much action to it though, until the very end and the way it ended wasn’t gradual, it just ended. It had a good story and a good plot; the only thing was Sophie’s character I wished we got to know her a little better.  I tried not to give to much away.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book! The summary did seem quite short, but good to hear that you feel the book deserves more credit:)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

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